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PT Asmita Karya Konstruksi Indonesia


PT Asmita Karya Konstruksi is a construction company headquartered in Green Lake City Boulevard, Jakarta. The company projects include real estate development and warehouse buildings.






PT Asmita Karya Konstruksi Indonesia, which is a construction company based in Jakarta, Indonesia, aims to improve the efficiency of the company. One of the aspects which can be improved with an application is the management of its construction projects, including creating purchase orders, invoices, supplier managements, financial reports, and insights from materials and workers expense in each project.


We develop a web-based application where the owner and staff of PT Asmita Karya Konstruksi can manage their projects and company efficiently and effectively. The back-office administration system is developed using modern technology, i.e. NodeJS, to make sure that it will not go obsolete in a few years and will also be easier to maintain and develop further.


The features of the website include the management of suppliers data, purchase orders, construction worker’s salary, subcontractors, invoicing, company income and expenses, financial reporting, handling projects with cost and fee system, and keeping track of materials usage in each construction project. The system also separates the user privileges of the company owner and staff.


We build the website with user experience in mind. Special consideration is given to make sure that the user can use the system easily by carefully designing the user interface to be interactive and attractive.


PT Asmita Karya Konstruksi gives positive feedback regarding the application. Some highlights of features that give positive impacts for the company include the overall management of the projects, easier way to make invoices and purchase orders, and keeping track of expenses with reporting.