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CIVIL 20 About Transformation Gallery ABOUT Civil 20 (C20) Indonesia is one of the civil society organization groups or networks in Indonesia that participates in the G20 framework. G20 is an international forum consisting of 20 countries with the largest economies in the world that… Read More »CIVIL 20

Himpunan Teknik Iluminasi Indonesia

Himpunan Teknik Iluminasi Indonesia About Transformation Gallery ABOUT Himpunan Teknik Iluminasi Indonesia (HTTI) is an organization where the experts of illumination technique in Indonesia gathers. TRANSFORMATION BEFORE AFTER TECHNOLOGY USED: WORDPRESS OBJECTIVE HTII is not really publicly known, other than from their social media. Therefore,… Read More »Himpunan Teknik Iluminasi Indonesia

PT Asmita Karya Konstruksi

PT Asmita Karya Konstruksi About Transformation Gallery ABOUT PT Asmita Karya Konstruksi is a construction company headquartered in Green Lake City Boulevard, Jakarta. The company projects include real estate development and warehouse buildings. TRANSFORMATION BEFORE AFTER TECHNOLOGY USED: WORDPRESS OBJECTIVE PT Asmita Karya Konstruksi is… Read More »PT Asmita Karya Konstruksi

Kkuljaem Korean

Kkuljaem Korean About Transformation Gallery ABOUT Kkuljaem Korean is an application to help people learn Korean language more easily with local lecturer from Bandung. This application work on Mobile Application and Website Application.  WHAT WE DO TECHNOLOGY USED: FIGMA OBJECTIVE Kkuljaem Korean developed a mobile… Read More »Kkuljaem Korean

Evenciio Apartment

Evenciio Apartment About Transformation Gallery ABOUT Evenciio is a premium apartment strategically located near Universitas Indonesia at Depok. With more than 1000 units and close proximity to train stations, the tenants are mostly university students and office workers. TRANSFORMATION BEFORE AFTER TECHNOLOGY USED: NODE.JS, HTML,… Read More »Evenciio Apartment

Grand Diara Hotel

Grand Diara Hotel About Transformation Gallery ABOUT Located on the main road of Puncak, Bogor, Grand Diara Hotel provides 81 rooms and suites, 5 meeting rooms, and a restaurant with a breathtaking mountain view. TRANSFORMATION BEFORE AFTER TECHNOLOGY USED: ARDUINO, C++, JAVA, HTML, CSS OBJECTIVE… Read More »Grand Diara Hotel

Craft Arter Florist

Craft Arter Florist About Transformation Gallery ABOUT Craft Arter is an online florist located in West Jakarta. They sell various flower bouquets, flower boxes, flower baskets, and many more for many special occasions, such as weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and so on. TRANSFORMATION BEFORE AFTER TECHNOLOGY… Read More »Craft Arter Florist